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LIVING LEDGER is a tool to assist UWRA members in identifying and locating personal documents for financial planning purposes, a member’s estate, or health and end-of-life issues.  It will be exceedingly helpful in categorizing and organizing personal and financial information in an orderly way, thus of considerable value to family survivors, partners, and personal representatives.  LIVING LEDGER was originally produced in 2007. 

With the changes in law, technology, and services available to retirees, the 2017 taskforce was reconvened to update the information and produce a revised version.  The newest revision is dated October 2023.

Intended simply to be a reference document for gathering information; LIVING LEDGER should not be construed as giving legal advice or acting as a substitute for legal advice.

Click on the handout titles to review:  "LIVING LEDGER: An Introductory Glimpse" handout  or  "How to Access LIVING LEDGER" handout.

LIVING LEDGER is a benefit of UWRA membership. Access to the document is restricted - members must log on to download. LIVING LEDGER is available for download by UWRA members in multiple formats. In all formats, the empty LIVING LEDGER is 52 pages, with the exception of the Pages version, which is 69 pages. 

Important Note: The document links above have been defined to immediately download the documents to your computer. Please look in your computer file system where downloads are set to go. For your convenience, UWRA has made a printed version of LIVING LEDGER available for purchase in our Store. 


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