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UWRA GITD/Tech Clinic Handouts (January - June 2023)

Estate Planning Series: What is estate planning and why is it important? Who should participate?

(12 January 2023)

Stephanie Thompson & Sadie Minobe, Krueger Hernandez & Thompson, SC

Estate Planning Series: Wills versus Trusts

(07 February 2023)

Peter C. Osman, Borakove/Osman LLC

Electronic Health Records: Doctor, Doctor -- Gimme the News!

(01 March 2023)

Dr. David Kunstman, UW Health

Estate Planning: Planning for the Dissolution of your Estate

(07 March 2023)

Peter C. Osman, Borakove/Osman LLC

Assistive Technology - Access to independence

(14 March 2023)

Rebecca Patterson, Access to independence

Mary Rodwell, Access to independence

Denise Jess, Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired

What's Happened to the Republican Party: the Reagan through Trump years

(21 March 2023)

Professor David Canon, University of Wisconsin, Political Science Department

Due to technical difficulties, the last question was interrupted and video ends prematurely.

Nuclear Power & Climate Change: a point/counterpoint presentation

(23 March 2023)

Richard Steeves, Emeritus Faculty, UW School of Medicine

Tom Eggert, Emeritus Faculty, Nelson Institute

Solar/Sustainable Energy: the sky's the limit!

(12 April 2023)

Scott P. Williams, Wisconsin Energy Institute, research and education coordinator

Sam Dunaiski, RENEW Wisconsin, Executive Direct, Executive Director

Jackie Harrrison-Jewell, Couillard Solar Foundation, Executive Director 

Justin Arneson, All Energy Solar, Consultant

2023 Annual ETF and SWIB Update

(13 April 2023)

Note: Video is one session, but split into 2 parts due to internet problems

Edwin Denson, SWIB Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer

Rochelle Klaskin, SWIB Deputy Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer

John Voelker, ETF Secretary

2023-25 State and University Budgets

(18 April 2023)

Crystal Potts, UW Madison's Director of State Relations

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA): What Every Homeowner Should Know

(10 May 2023)

Kathy Kuntz, Director of the Dane County Office of Energy & Climate Change

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